College of the North Atlantic

2005-Construction Industrial Electrical Entry-2006

Bonavista Campus

About the College of the North Atlantic


Offers More than 300 part-time courses.

College Headquarters Mailing Address:

College Contacts:

College of the North Atlantic

P.O. Box 5400

Stephenville, NL

A2N 2Z6

Tel.: 709-643-7728

Toll Free #: 1-888-982-2268



Student Housing:

College Campuses:


The Residence Office:

Bay St. George Campus

P.O. Box 5400

Stephenville, NL

A2N 2Z6


The Residence Office

Burin Campus

P.O. Box 370

Burin Bay Arm, NL

A0E 1G0


The Residence Office

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus

P.O. Box 1720

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

A0P 1E0



(Boarding Houses/Apartments)

All campuses maintains a list of boarding accommodations for the area, which can be picked up at the Student Services Offices at each Campus.

# of programs at each campus location in brackets.

Total Number of Campuses: 17

Baie Verte Campus (5)

Bay St. George Campus (23)

Bonavista Campus (8)

Burin Campus (13)

Carbonear Campus (7)

Clarenville Campus (8)

Corner Brook Campus (19)

Gander Campus (7)

Grand Falls-Windsor Campus (9)

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus (10)

Labrador West Campus (5)

Placentia Campus (7)

Port aux Basques Campus (6)

Prince Philip Drive Campus / St. Johns (27)

Ridge Road Campus / St. John's (15)

Seal Cove Campus (7)

St. Anthony Campus (4)

College Program Categories:

Newfoundland and Labrador Student Aid Website:

# of programs in each category listed in brackets.

Total Number of Programs: 89

Academics (4)

Applied Arts Programs (15)

Business Studies Programs (4)

Engineering Technology Programs (16)

Health Sciences Program (7)

Industrial Trades Programs (29)

Information Technology Programs (7)

Tourism & Natural Resources Programs (7)

College President:


Pamela Walsh


For More Detailed Info on CONA, (Fees, Student Services, College Distributed Learning Service, Awards, Academic/Admissions Regulations) Please Visit a Campus Near You, or Call CONA with the Number Listed Above or Visit Their Website Online, also Listed Above.

CONA Programs by Category:




1.Adult Basic Education (ABE)

2.Comprehensive Arts and Science College Transition

3.Comprehensive Arts and Science Transfer: College-University

4.English as a Second Language (ESL)

Applied Arts Programs

1.Community Recreation Leadership

2.Community Studies

3.Digital Animation

4.Early Childhood Education

5.Early Childhood Education by Distance Education

6.Food Service and Nutrition Management

7.Graphic Design

8.Graphic Production & Printing


10.Journalism (Post Diploma)

11.Multimedia: Courseware Development

12.Music Industry and Performance

13.Recording Arts

14.Textile Studies

15.Visual Arts

Business Studies Programs

1.Business Administration/Management

2.Business Administration (International Business)

3.International Business Management (Post Diploma)

4.Office Administration

Engineering Technology Programs

1.First Year Engineering Technology

2.Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology

3.Architectural Engineering Technician

4.Civil Engineering Technology

5.Electrical Engineering Technology

6.Electronics Engineering Technology

7.Geomatics Engineering Technology (Co-op)

8.Industrial Engineering Technology (Co-op)

9.Mechanical Engineering Technology

10.Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) (Co-op)

11.Petroleum Engineering Technology

12.Process Operations Engineering Technology

13.Safety Engineering Technology (Post Diploma)

14.Software Engineering Technology (Co-op)

15.Telecommunications Engineering Technology

16.Welding Engineering Technician

Health Sciences Programs

1.Diagnostic Ultrasonography

2.Medical Sciences I (General)

3.Medical Laboratory Sciences

4.Medical Radiography

5.Occupational Therapist Assistant

6.Physiotherapists Assistant

7.Respiratory Therapy

Industrial Trades Programs

1.Aircraft Structural Repair Technician

2.Automotive Service Technician



5.Commercial Transport

6.Construction/Industrial Electrician



9.Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

10.Heavy Equipment Operator

11.Heritage Carpentry

12.Industrial Instrument Mechanic

13.Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)


15.Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

16.Minning Technician

17.Mobile Crane Operator

18.Motor Vehicle Repair (Metal and Paint)

19.Multi Skills Industrial Trades

20.Non-Destructive Testing Technician

21.Oil Burner Mechanic


23.Powerline Technician (Operating)

24.Refridgeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

25.Small Equipment Service Technician


27.Transport Trailer Technician


29.Welder/Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

Information Technology Programs

1.Computer Support Specialist

2.Customer Service Associate

3.Internet Application Developer

4.Programmer Analyst (Business)

5.Programmer Analyst (Business) (Co-op)

6.Programmer Analyst (Networking)

7.Web Site Administration

Tourism & Natural Resources Programs

1.Adventure Tourism-Outdoor Recreation

2.Environmental Technology (Co-op)

3.Forest Resources Technician

4.Fish and Wildlife Technician

5.Hospitality Tourism Management

6.Natural Resources Technician

7.Northern Natural Resources Technician

Programs by Campuses:



Baie Verte Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Multi Skills Industrial Training

3.Office Administration (Executive)

4.Special Services (Programs)


Bay St. George Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Automotive Service Technician


4.Business Administration (General, Human Resource Management, Marketing)

5.Commercial Transport

6.Community Studies


8.Digital Animation


10.Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

11.Heavy Equipment Operator

12.Hospitality Tourism Management


14.Journalism (Post Diploma)

15.Mobile Crane Operator

16.Multimedia - Courseware Development

17.Music Industry and Performance

18.Office Administration (Executive, Records & Information Management)

19.Recording Arts

20.Small Equipment Service Technician

21.Special Services (Programs)

22.Transport Trailer Technician

23.Visual Arts

Bonavista Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Construction/Industrial Electrician

3.Customer Service Associate through @College Distributed Learning Service

4.Heritage Carpentry

5.Natural Resources Technician

6.Officie Administration (Executive)


8.Special Services (Programs)

Burin Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Business Administration (Accounting, General, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing)

3.Comprehensive Arts & Science (College Transition)


5.Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Controls)

6.Engineering Technology (First Year)


8.Industrial Instrument Mechanic

9.Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

10.Office Administration (Executive)

11.Special Services (Programs)


13.Welding Engineering Technician

Carbonear Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Business Administration (Accounting, Marketing)

3.Community Studies

4.Comprehensive Arts and Science: College-University

5.Engineering Technology (First Year)

6.Heritage Carpentry

7.Special Services (Programs)

Clarenville Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Business Administration (Accounting, General, Human Resource Management, Marketing)


4.Engineering Technology (First Year)

5.Office Administration (Executive)

6.Special Services (Programs)


8.Web Site Administrator through @College Distributed Learning Service

Corner Brook Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Adventure Tourism-Outdoor Recreation

3.Business Administration (Accounting, General, Marketing)

4.Civil Engineering Technology

5.Computer Support Specialist

6.Construction/Industrial Electrician

7.Early Childhood Education

8.Electronics Engineering Technology

9.Engineering Technology (First Year)

10.Environmental Technology (Co-op)

11.Fish and Wildlife Technician

12.Forest Resources Technician

13.Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

14.Internet Application Developer

15.Process Operations Engineering Technology

16.Office Administration (Executive)

17.Programmer Analyst (Business)

18.Special Services (Programs)


Gander Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology

3.Aircraft Structural Repair

4.Automotive Service Technician

5.Engineering Technology (First Year)


7.Special Services (Programs)

Grand Falls-Windsor Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Business Administration (Accounting, General, Human Resource Management, Marketing)

3.Business Management (Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing)

4.Community Studies

5.Comprehensive Arts and Science (College Transition)

6.Comprehensive Arts and Science: College-University

7.Office Administration (Executive, Medical-through @College Distributed Learning Service)

8.Programmer Analyst (Business, Networking)

9.Special Services (Programs)

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Adventure Tourism-Outdoor Recreation

3.Comprehensive Arts and Science (College Transition)

4.Comprehensive Arts & Science: College-University

5.Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

6.Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

7.Northern Natural Resources Technician

8.Office Administration (Executive)

9.Special Services (Programs)


Labrador West Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Comprehensive Arts and Science: College-University

3.Engineering Technology (First Year)

4.Minning Technician

5.Special Services (Programs)

Placentia Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Office Administration (Executive)

3.Heavy Duty Equipment Technician


5.Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

6.Special Services (Programs)


Port aux Basques Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Business Administration

3.Non-Destructive Testing Technician

4.Office Administration (Executive)

5.Special Services (Programs)

6.Welder/Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

Prince Philip Drive (St. John's) Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Automotive Service Technician

3.Business Administration (Accounting, General, Human Resource Management, Marketing)

4.Business Management (Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing)

5.Community Recreation Leadership

6.Computer Support Specialist


8.Diagnostic Ultrasonography

9.Early Childhood Education

10.Early Childhood Education by Distance Education

11.English as Second Language (ESL)

12.Food Service & Nutrition Management

13.Graphic Design

14.Graphic Production & Printing

15.Hospitality Tourism Management

16.Medical Sciences (General)

17.Medical Laboratory Sciences

18.Medical Radiology

19.Motor Vehicle Body Repair (Metal and Paint)

20.Occupational Therapist Assistant through @College Distributed Learning Service

21.Office Administration (Executive, Legal, Medical, Records & Information Management)

22.Physiotherapy Assistant through @ College Distributed Learning Service

23.Programmer Analyst (Business) (Co-op)

24.Respiratory Therapy

25.Special Services (Programs)

26.Textile Studies


Ridge Road (St. John's) Campus

1.Architectural Engineering Technology

2.Electrical Engineering Technology (Power and Controls) Co-op

3.Electronics Engineering Technology (Biomedical)

4.Electronics Engineering Technology (Instrumentation)

5.Engineering Technology (First Year)

6.Geomatics Engineering Technology

7.Industrial Engineering Technology (Co-op)

8.Mechanical Engineering Technology

9.Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) (Co-op)

10.Petroleum Engineering Technology

11.Refridgeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

12.Safety Engineering Technology (Post Diploma)

13.Software Engineering Technology (Co-op)

14.Special Services (Programs)

15.Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Seal Cove Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Construction/Industrial Electrician


4.Oil Burner Mechanic

5.Powerline Technician (Operating)

6.Industrial Instrument Mechanic

7.Special Services (Programs

St. Anthony Campus

1.Adult Basic Education

2.Comprehensive Arts and Science (College Transition)

3.Office Administration (Executive)

4.Special Services (Programs)

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