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Movie 1 - Dead Zone
Goku and the crew have to go up against the evil Garlic Jr., who is gathering up the seven Dragon Balls to wish for immortality and punish the world for his father's death. Unfortunately, Krillin, Piccolo, and Goku can't handle Garlic Jr. by themselves, but Gohan seems to be starting to realize his hidden powers, which is rather convenient for our heroes.

Movie 2 - The World's Strongest

When the disembodied brain of Dr. Wheelo needs a body, only the best will do. So what's a brain to do but kidnap Piccolo and Master Roshi--knowing Goku and the gang will follow?

Movie 3 - The Tree of Might

When space pirates plant an energy-depleting Tree of Might on Earth, it's up to Goku and his friends to destroy the tree before it destroys the planet.

Movie 4 - Lord Slug

Goku and the gang must fend off an evil attack on earth from a strange villain. This horribly diabolic enemy has emerged from an asteroid and is poised to take control of the entire world unless this martial arts prodigy can summon up the strength to stop him.

Movie 5 - Cooler's Revenge

Goku looks for a little rest and relaxation after his victorious marathon bout with Frieza. Some time on Earth camping in the woods seems to be the perfect vacation. Yet before he can get his first cat nap in, Frieza's brother Cooler pays a visit to the campground to make Goku's time on Earth one of restitution. The Saiyan warrior battles it out with the vengeful sibling in a fight not to be forgotten.

Movie 6 - The Return of Cooler

Goku, Gohan and their fellow Z-fighters take a trip to the planet New Namek. This is no weekend getaway for the gang as the planet Big Gete Star, a living entity made of metal, attacks New Namek. The Z-fighters find themselves defending the besieged planet from a cyclops army, and worse yet, the old foe Cooler.

Movie 7 - Super Android 13

Massive explosions mysteriously erupt all over the world causing a global panic. The reasoning behind such grand scale violence eludes all until Goku realizes that these attacks are solely aimed at assassinating him. Preparing himself for battle Goku attempts to get a reading on the power level of his attackers. Coming up with nothing, he realizes that he is battling an android army. Goku leads the charge against the rival super androids in this feature length entry.

Movie 8 - Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

This movie focuses on the appearance of Broly, a powerful Super Saiyan warrior bent on destroying the galaxy. Goku and Vegeta clash over who will be the one to do battle with the new menace, and the result is an action-packed series of fight sequences between the Z team and the most evil forces in the universe.

Movie 9 - Bojack Unbound


Movie 10 - The Return of Broly


Movie 11 - Bio Broly


Movie 12 - The Rebirth of Fusion: Gojeta


Movie 13 - TBA


Feature 1 - Bardock: The Father of Goku

When a low-class Saiyan soldier named Bardock unexpectedly inherits the ability to see into the future, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse! Haunted by visions of his own end as well as the destruction of his entire planet, Bardock sets off on a nightmarish race with fate to avert the impending disaster. But Bardock seems to be stumbling along in a maze of hopeless despair until a vision of his baby son, Kakarot, as a grown man inspires him to make a change and confront his destiny head on!

Feature 2 - The History of Trunks

When Goku dies of a deadly virus, it seems like the end of the world. But the powerful Master?s passing proves to be merely a presage of the horrible tragedies that are on the way! When the two Androids appear and start destroying the great cities of the Earth, the planet is plunged into darkness and it?s inhabitants are living in fear. But there is only last hope! Goku?s son, Gohan, is now a man, and though outnumbered by the demonic Androids, he does have a special young teenager, named Trunks on his side! As Gohan trains Trunks, it seems like the world is collapsing around them! Can they put a stop to the horrible progression of evil? This is the story of the future that never was!

Dragon Ball GT Feature - Goku Jr.


Note: DBZ Movies 1-3 have been released by Pioneer Entertainment
DBZ Movies 4-11 have been released by FUNimation Productions
DBZ Movies 12-13 will be released soon.

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